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Tips for a Dog Friendly Halloween

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Tips for a Dog Friendly Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many adults and children alike- kicking off the holiday season with jack-o-lanterns, parties, and spooky decorations is just about as fun as it gets! Unfortunately for some pets, Halloween is all the spook with none of the fun. Here are some of our tips that can help you include your best friend a little more this fall season.

Don’t force Fido into a Costume
Okay, we get it- dogs in costumes are adorable! While some pups may lap up the attention, others will be made stressed and anxious if forced to wear unfamiliar garments. We recommend that you only put a costume on your dog If you know he won’t mind it!

Jack’ O Lanterns- Not Just for Show!
Carving pumpkins is a traditional fall activity that lots of families participate in, but did you know that the leftover seeds can be salvaged for your best friend? Pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer, and at PetFaves we love everything natural! As always, exercise caution when feeding anything homemade to your dog, and we don’t recommend replacing your regular dewormer. Simply bake the seeds at a low temperature until fully dried- no need to add anything! If you have a picky pooch, you can grind up the seeds in a good processor to spread on his food. Bon appetit!

Be Mindful of Spooks!
For our more timid canines, the constant chaos that Halloween Night brings can be a little too spooky! Doors repeatedly being opened, strangers on the porch, and loud sounds unfortunately create the perfect storm for a scared pooch to make a run for it! If you think your pet is at risk of being unusually frightened by Halloween antics, make sure he is wearing identification, and keep him in an area that can’t be easily escaped.

You know your dog better than anyone, so this fall season, be safe, be mindful of your furry pal, and have fun!

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