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Who we are & what we are all about


Pet Faves is a small, family-owned company located in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania.  We produce nature-inspired pet supplements focused on the whole health and well-being of pets at every life stage – from developing puppies to senior dogs.

We understand the unconditional love between humans and their dogs. Pet Faves supplement was developed to help our own precious furchild.  Shortly after Roxy our 12-year-old labrador’s 12th birthday, we noticed a dramatic change in his activity. Our beautiful boy was slowing down.  He had trouble moving around and clearly suffered from aging joints.

Trials of recommended supplements did nothing to improve Roxy’s condition.  Aware of the human benefits of Turmeric with Bioperine(Black Pepper Extract) we discussed the option of giving Roxy the homeopathic remedy.  Our veterinarian agreed with us. Sadly, none of the pet supplements available included the herbs.  Following rigorous research and professional mentoring we created our own all-natural supplement.

Roxy responded to the super blend within days. His energy and enthusiasm returned. Soon, he was able to walk, run, and play without pain!  We knew we had developed a product all dogs would benefit from and Pets Faves was born!

Try Pet Faves Chews.  Trust that all ingredients are top-quality, natural, safe, highly effective and sourced in the USA. 

We proudly serve pets – and their owners. Why?

Because we love our dogs like you do!

Pet Faves Family


Our ingredients are sourced responsibly with a focus on quality and a commitment to sustainability. We employ rigid manufacturing procedures and our products are held to the highest safety standards.


We use nothing but the finest ingredients that will promote your pet's wellbeing and help them feel active and lively again. Artificial flavors and colors are never included in our foods. We believe in food that is safe.

Advanced Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs with Organic Turmeric

For Healthy Hips & Joints, Improved Mobility, Cartilage Health & Immune System Boost