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This Natural Substance Can Relieve Your Dog's Inflammation By 2000%

Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog Curcumin, a natural substance in turmeric, has been proven to be: ✅ a natural detox ✅ anti-bacterial✅ anti-inflammatory, and ✅ an essential pain reliever for dogs! And together with Black Pepper (Bioperine), it can boost the absorption of Curcumin by 2,000%! How Does it Work? It may sound...

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Non-Toxic Approach to Your Dogs’ Joint Pain & Arthritis

Joint pain and arthritis can severely diminish the quality of your dog’s life. Surgery and medication may help, but you would be introducing your furry friend to a host of toxic and invasive treatments, which may compromise his health.  The safest way to treat dog joint pain and arthritis is...

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6 Ways to Entertain your Dog During Winter

Now that it’s December, wherever you are, the weather is likely pretty icky. Some dogs are completely fine to brave snowbanks, cold temperatures, or icy trails, but for some dogs it’s not a possibility. Many breeds are extremely sensitive to cold, not tall enough to navigate through inches of snow,...

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5 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Dogs

This time of year, you’re probably thinking about what you’re thankful for. It’s safe to say that for a lot of us, our pets are pretty high up there on the list. We know we love our dogs, and they love us back, but just what is it about them...

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Your Dog’s Golden Years

Even though we wish they could stay young forever, there comes a time where you’ll notice your dog slowing down a bit with age. This may be alarming for some owners, but with the proper care and love, senior dogs can live on for many years! Here are some great...

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Advanced Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs with Organic Turmeric

For Healthy Hips & Joints, Improved Mobility, Cartilage Health & Immune System Boost