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Your Dog’s Golden Years

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Your Dog’s Golden Years

Even though we wish they could stay young forever, there comes a time where you’ll notice your dog slowing down a bit with age. This may be alarming for some owners, but with the proper care and love, senior dogs can live on for many years! Here are some great tips for keeping your dog as comfortable, safe, and healthy as possible during his senior years.

Make A Few Adjustments to your Home

Just like humans, dogs can develop stiff joints and arthritis as they age. PetFaves Hip & Joint supplement is a natural de-inflammatory that will help ease the pain and swelling of your dog’s joints and muscles, but we also recommend adding some features to make your home more accessible to your senior pup. If you welcome your dog into your bed, a ramp will be a much easier way up. Carpet on hardwood floors and stairs will help with traction, and a few extra beds wouldn’t go unappreciated!

Don’t Skimp on the Exercise

Although senior dogs undoubtedly have less energy than young ones, your pup should still be getting regular light exercise to keep his heart, lungs, and joints in good condition. A daily walk on soft ground will be good for the both of you, or if your pal’s joints are extra sensitive, water therapy can be extremely beneficial.

Less is More

Older dogs burn much fewer calories than they used to, therefore a diet change is in order. Consult with your veterinarian to find a diet that has the right amount of calories for your dog to prevent weight gain.

With proper, loving care, your dog can live for many happy years. In fact, the oldest dog on record lived to be 29 years and 5 months old! No matter what, your best friend will appreciate the extra effort put into making his golden years more comfortable.

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